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Hello, I hope everybody had a good Christmas. I had a good one full of eating and drinking as per usual but today it has been back to the music related things! This morning I finished my acoustic screen DIY project. I have been thinking perhaps I should have just made this into a woodwork blog, as my woodwork skills are apparently way in advance of my album recording skills.

Following my last post quite a few people asked how I was getting on with my acoustic screen thing. This may be because they know how bad I am at practical things, so were looking forward to a photo of me surrounded by drills, hammers and small fires. Well, I am sorry to dissapoint but I have completed my project with no fires or anything. I’m quite proud of my little homemade recording booth actually, is it too late to submit it for my Design Technology GCSE? I did always feel that I could do better than an E. Actually though, thinking about it, it was probably a sympathy E grade as I can’t see that a remote controlled wooden ‘car’ held together with selotape should really be enough to get a pass.


So the second photo is the finished article, well, half of it anyway (the other half is folded up). It should mean that the recordings I make at home will have a much cleaner sound.

As for the music. I am homing in on the tracks I want to record. I have 16 songs which I am happy with to varying degrees. I will try to choose perhaps 13 to record from these and then pick the best 10 for the album. I have some very very ropey demos for each of the songs and I’ve been listening to them constantly to try and work out which ones I like the most. I tend to like every song immediately after I’ve written it even if they are actually awful, so it’s good to give them some time before deciding, although I am in danger of becoming incredibly bored of them.

I really need to start writing stuff down though. I spent a good hour yesterday trying to work out how to play a song I wrote two weeks ago, turned out to be a wierd guitar tuning which I’d forgotten to write down.

Anyway, I did say I would upload demo’s to here. So here is a bit of one of the ropey demos I mentioned earlier. It was recorded immediately after writing the song, I was still sort of working out a tune, but at least I am vaguely in tune (unlike some of the others)…

Speaking of singing in tune, my rescheduled singing lesson also got cancelled as my singing tutor person was ill still (get well soon Lizzie if you are reading and still ill now), so we are going to get back into it after new year hopefully.

Anyway, here is the demo snippet link. Have a good new year everybody.

Healthy Distance Demo


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