James Consterdine : Dopey Git Extraordinaire

This week I have reached new levels of stupidity. Having spent all my money on a microphone and making that acoustic screen, I decided to stretch my budget just once more to buy a music production book I remembered being recommended to me at Uni. I then returned home and mentioned this to Laura, only for her to inform me that I did in fact already own a copy of that book and it was in our bookshelf.

So from now on I will be running all purchases past Laura, as she apparently takes in what is going on around her, whereas I just drift through life in a bit of a daze. When I go for a curry this weekend with my football team I shall make sure to ring her before ordering, just in case I have already ordered and received a Chicken Madras with Pilau rice and have simply forgotten about it.

Being ‘switched on’ has never been my strong point, and this stretches to my music. Whether it’s forgetting how to play my own songs, doing a great take on the guitar only to find I’ve not pushed record, or having the microphone round the wrong way then wondering why things sound odd, I am constantly fighting my own dopiness when trying to record a song.

So as I move now from the writing stage into taking the first steps towards recording these tracks, years of experience have taught me that however long something is meant to take for a normal person, I need to double it to account for the fact that I do everything wrong at least once (usually twice or three times) before I figure out I’ve not plugged anything in.

Things are progressing slowly though, I have more or less settled on the songs I’ve written and I’m starting to get rough recordings down so I can work out bass, drums etc… This is the stage when my usual lack of confidence is likely to kick in. I will try for about ten minutes to come up with a bass part and if I’ve not come up with anything in that time my head will start shouting at me “It’s because the song is rubbish,  give up give up give up”. I am doing my best to ignore it so far.

To start with I am working on demo’s for the songs which will need drums, I can then send these over to Harry (who has kindly agreed to play drums for me) and he can start to work stuff out.

A couple of people have asked if all my effort/money for the microphone and acoustic screen really makes that much of a difference. So here is a short file with me singing the same line once on the new setup and then once on my old setup, thrilling stuff. The new one should sound fuller, not as tinny, and also a lot less echo in the background. Although it may not sound like a massive difference just listening like this it will make a big improvement to the finished tracks.

Old and New Mic Comparison

Cheers for reading my ramblings as always.

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  1. Laura
    Jan 11, 2011 @ 21:27:25

    Looking forward to hearing your songs with Harry’s drums – know that’s a long way off but I think it will bring something new (and good) to your music. Don’t lose your confidence with your songs, I excited about the album!! xLx


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