My Westlife Moment

Forgive me music gods, for I have sinned. I have gone against everything I’ve ever believed in. I don’t know where to turn, I can no longer tell what is right and what is wrong.

Yesterday, frustrated whilst trying to write a song, I put in a key change and I quite liked it. It’s almost too painful to write but I can keep it to myself no longer.

The key change is the property of Westlife, Pete Waterman, whoever produces the X Factor Christmas singles, Celine Dion, and now James Consterdine. What have I done?

Everything was going so well, I was happy with the songs, confident even, and then this. What is to become of me oh music gods? Is this the beggining of the end? Am I destined to find myself this time next year trying to make sure I fit at least three key changes into my songs? Will I work them into my live performances? Start the performance lying on the floor, key change #1 kneel, key change #2 sit on a chair, key change #3 stand up. Help me.

But wait…. What about Michael Jackson? The king of pop, nobody does key changes like Michael Jackson. Think about Earth Song, no hang on, that was crap. Never mind. There’s no hope. No hope at all.

I have other stuff I want to write about the last week, I had another singing lesson, I recorded a brilliant sounding guitar part for a demo, I wrote a string quartet part for a song. But it all pales into insignificance compared to the key change. Maybe I will be able to write about them next week.

Who invented bloody musical keys anyway, if there weren’t keys this would never have happened, why can’t we just have the key of E minor and be done with it, then the idea would never have entered my head, my poor confused head.

I hope I don’t dream about Simon Cowell screaming “MORE KEY CHANGES EQUALS MORE MONEY!!!” at me again tonight.

Thank you music gods, your forgiveness is all I seek.

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