Status Quo and their perpetual nightmare


I’ve not posted for a whole month, largely down to the fact that there’s not been much to report. I’m at the stage where I’m just working on building the tracks up, a guitar part here, a kazoo part there (well, not yet actually), and slowly the tracks are taking shape. I’ve started to send scores to my violinist so hopefully we will get those parts recorded soon.

It’s not easy building the tracks up, largely because I am pretty sick of the songs having listened to them repeatedly since December! I really wonder how these old bands like the Rolling Stones do it, playing the same songs over and over and still enjoying it, although I guess that being a multi-millionaire softens the blow somehow. Imagine being in Status Quo though, if I think about what hell might be like, there’s the devil and he’s forcing me to play ‘Rockin All Over the World’ OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! Perhaps Status Quo are actually dead and we are all imaginary parts of their hell, I would actually consider my life fairly worthwhile if I simply played a small part in a perpetual nightmare that’s designed to torture ‘The Quo’ with their own music.

I’ve just read that back and I suspect I may be guilty of simply typing out whatever thoughts enter my head, ah well might as well leave it there. I should probably get back on course though, so here’s a quick look at how I’m building the tracks up at the moment…

When I was writing the songs back at the start of the year I uploaded this… ..which was an acoustic version of a song called Healthy Distance.

The first thing I had to do was add a drum part to send to Harry, I also lowered the key to make it fit my vocal range better –

and get Harry to replicate those drums only better

Then I added a bass part

I then played things to my assistant executive co-producer Scott ‘don’t be a div’ Greenshields, who suggested I try distorting the bass a bit for the chorus

That led me down a slightly heavier route and I ditched the acoustic guitar for electrics

Before adding some background synth

A couple of backing vocals later I stick it all together and it’s a fairly dramatic change… It’s still a long way from polished, but as long as I don’t have another confidence crisis ‘div’ moment this is  much what the finished version will sound like .

Now, I’m in need of some inspiration, where did I put that 7″ of ‘Whatever You Want’?



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