A liking for Recycling

You know it’s been too long since you updated your blog, when your password no longer works. You know it’s REALLY been to long when you realise that’s because you’re trying to sign into blogspot.com instead of WordPress.

Having finally found my way here, a quick update. 5 songs are mixed and just need a small amount of tweaking, 4 songs are recorded and partially mixed but not ‘properly’ mixed yet, and 1 song is being reworked.

The song being reworked was called ‘Beliefs’. It’s sometimes hard to admit that a song just isn’t working out, especially after putting so much time into it. In this case, it wasn’t that hard. Every time I listened to it I wanted to go back in time and punch myself in the face, I hated the verse, I hated the chorus. It wasn’t actually bad, it was just so decidedly average in every single way that I could feel my brain melting with mediocrity as I listened. It was the ‘Ford Escort’ of songs, not fast, not slow, not angry, not happy, not sad, not making a point, not anything, just….ok.

But, there were a few things I liked, and which could possibly be salvaged. The drums were quite cool, and it would be a shame to waste the violin. So I set about recycling the track.

I started with this… This is the instrumental part of the old chorus (which as I said, is ok).

I cut out the bits I did like, the drums and violin, in fact I took just the first half of the violin, then I looped it.

and then simply started playing over the top, and the start of a new song was born from the ashes.

The next job was to build it up a bit, bass, more guitars etc…

But it’s still missing something, what happens if I apply some heavy reverb and some distortion to the drum loop?

No distortion –

Distortion –

Ooooooh. So now we have…

Maybe for a bit of variation later on I could add more strings. But none of the originals work with the new melody except for the small bit I have. How does it sound backwards?

and with the original violin too? Quite good actually (I nearly wrote nice, but realise I can never again use that to describe something in a positive way).

So before you know it, the start of a quite cool sounding new track.

I’ve built the track up a bit further, it has some new lyrics now, but having gone that far with the ‘recycling’ I couldn’t shake the feeling that it would be much improved if I could get Harry to put a new drum track together, rather than relying on the loops. The resulting ‘recycled song’ will be a bit like Trigger’s broom (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbha4XclSMU), it’s the same song but it’s just had new drums, new guitar parts, new vocals, different chords, the melody is different, the lyrics have changed, BUT….there is a 2 second violin loop from the original.

So I have Harry booked in for March 20th, and once that’s recorded I really am nearly there, and you will be the first to know about it, provided I can find my way back to this blog.


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