If you scroll down past the ramblings you’ll see me playing piano

Two years ago, I named this blog ‘The neverending album’. This morning I was working on a post and WordPress questioned my spelling of ‘neverending’. It’s never done so before, but I looked it up on the oxford dictionary website and apparently it’s meant to be ‘never-ending’.

I feel a bit confused by this. I know I’ve never been the greatest writer, I tend to ramble and use far too many commas,. I don’t understand apostrophes very well, I don’t know whether the words commas and apostrophes should have apostrophes. But for the most part I don’t worry myself over it.

However, this is the title of my blog, and it has apparently been wrong for over two years! Is this why I don’t get many readers? Have people been telling their friends to look up my blog only for their searches for the never-ending album to yield nothing? Did the head of Sony Music stumble across my music only to dismiss me because I don’t have the aptitude to spell check my sodding blog title? Damn you, hyphen. Damn you ruining a promising career in making slightly downbeat music. It’s clearly a conspiracy. I have friends who are English teachers. Nobody told me. You’re all in it together aren’t you? You, and the English language, and the hyphens. Damn you.

I wonder if the producers of ‘The Neverending Story’ came to the same realisation in 1984. Maybe they will read this blog and realise that they too, are complete idiots.

Anyway, back to the album, it is being printed as you read this. Well, maybe not exactly as you read it, I don’t really know. They don’t have an update thing like when you order a Dominos pizza. It might’ve already been printed, or it might still be waiting, but some time soon or recently, my album will be or will have been printed. Clear? I expect it to be on sale within a month, at last!

Whilst trying hard not to get on and do the artwork, I started playing a bit of piano. I was trying to think about how to play these songs solo, and whilst most work on a guitar, a few don’t. The opening track ‘Belong’ for example, is Cello led in the recorded version, so it sounds a bit lacking on just an acoustic guitar. Here’s a clip from the recorded version.

So despite not actually being able to play the piano I’ve tried to put a piano version together. I think it’s ok, actually.

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  1. Lizzie McW
    Feb 19, 2013 @ 21:51:20

    This is awesome – especially for someone who says he can’t play the piano! The tone’s great and it doesn’t seem like you are worrying about the piano – it’s not distracting you from the vocals. Enjoyed the track and really looking forward to hearing the album. Well done on all the hard work.


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