A Trip Back in Time – Part 4, The Neverending Album Attempts

So the album is out tomorrow, that means I had better finish this story today. I will post links and ways to buy the album tomorrow morning some time.

Yesterdays post ran up to the end of 2005. Now begins the years of completely useless attempts to record an album.

Album attempt #1

In late 2006, with the band having sadly finished, I decided that I was going to record an album, I was going to put every ounce of effort possible into it. I called myself ‘Me Grimlock’ and the music was along similar lines to the Jagaver stuff. I got four songs before losing momentum and not getting any further. This is Grimlock by the way, in case you are trying to remember.


As well as only getting four songs, I really didn’t put that much effort in. I didn’t find a drummer, I recorded it all at home and mixed it by myself. I quite like the songs though…

Tunnel Vision

Stay Young

So attempt one fizzled out.

Album Attempt #2

As we went into 2007, having completely given up on ‘Me Grimlock’, I decided I would try to get some acoustic pop style songs together for an album. I can put clips for every single song I managed because I only did two. Pathetic effort!

Angry Teenagers 

King of Awkward 

Album Attempt #3

I tried again later in 2007, basically I couldn’t make my mind up what style of music I wanted to do. I started recording stuff with Scott (who ended up co-producing the current album), these were generally lager fuelled recording session so were not the most productive ever, but were probably the most fun. This was definitely the best attempt though, we were working on these until 2009 but I basically got into a flap and decided I didn’t really like the songs any more (even they were actually pretty bloody good) and abandoned it.

In fact, listening back now, I remember there was actually a song which dealt with the fact that I was becoming entirely incapable of finishing any musical projects.

Useless Guy 

This is the only song we actually finished (I think), Scott mixed it. It’s amazing that Scott ever agreed to work on ‘Squandered This Daylight’ with my given the amount of time he had previously put into a load of songs that never got listened to.

Staring at the Sun

Album Attempt #4

I suspect this is getting boring now, it certainly was for me in 2009, which saw another attempt. 5 songs this time, most of them never got heard outside of my spare room. It’s quite ridiculous, my computer is full of songs with quite a lot of potential which I never managed to finish properly, there are hundreds of the bloody things! Look, here’s another.

Living in the Past

Album Attempt #5

In 2010 I entered something called FAWM (February Album Writing Month). It’s a challenge to write and record an album in the month of February and is pretty popular. All over the world useless musicians use it to give themselves a deadline and actually finish something. Do you think I did? No. Of course I didn’t. I recorded 7 songs and then gave up. These were going back to being a bit more electronic, they were ok but again I lacked the conviction to push through with it really.


I was clearly getting pretty desperate, because I even recorded something that sounds suspiciously like house music.

Stop Again

Album Attempt #6

That brings us up to this album attempt, and barring any massive internet explosion destroying Amazon and iTunes, it will be released tomorrow and I can definitely say that I (and many other people) have put about as much time and effort into it as has been possible. I will post the links and preview MP3’s for it in the morning, and remember that even if you totally hate my music it’s for two amazing causes and you don’t actually HAVE to listen to it 🙂

I will end this four parter with a quick MP3 timeliney thing…




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