Drum n’ Bass

So with the drums finally recorded it’s time to get moving. First up, bass parts. I started my musical journey playing bass for ‘Amber’ when I was 15. Actually, “playing” is probably too strong a word, more like blindly hitting the strings in the hope that at least 50% of the notes would match what the others were doing.

The top one is us playing on the back of a lorry in a pub carpark, the other is us playing at a school fete, rock and roll! Aren’t my shoes shiny! Anyway, that is where my bass skills were first honed to perfection, despite the fact that my bass weighed more than I did and had a neck that was thicker than my arm.

So with such a wealth of bass experience I can’t possibly go wrong really. I am going to work on the tracks in batches of 3, mostly because I don’t write anything down and will forget how to play them if I try todo more.

I’ve written the first 3 and it’s just a case of practising them until I’m happy they’re good enough to record at the moment. Here’s a clip from ‘Fall Back’ as it stands currently, not very interesting with just Drum and Bass but this is where I’m at.

Also, here is another youtube clip, another acoustic track. This one is in black and white because it’s all arty and that.

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